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When injuries or illnesses limit your mobility, rehabilitation can reduce your painful symptoms. The team of doctors, nurses, and acupuncturists at Axness Integrative Medicine offers proven rehabilitative services to the people of Baxter, Minnesota. The goal of the therapies this expert team offers is to rebuild your body and reduce the possibility of re-injury. Call today or book your appointment online to get started.

Rehabilitation Q & A

When is rehabilitation helpful?

After suffering an injury, rehabilitation assists your recovery by restoring the strength, mobility, and functionality of the affected part of your body. Additionally, rehabilitation treatments promote circulation in the joints and reduce inflammation after a surgical procedure. People who suffer from illnesses that limit mobilization, such as arthritis, may experience pain relief with rehabilitation.

What techniques does Axness Integrative Medicine use for rehabilitation? 

The Axness Integrative Medicine team focuses largely on targeted physical therapy techniques to treat injuries and illnesses. Physical therapy typically consists of customized exercise, stretching, and muscle strengthening programs that increase blood flow to the injury site.

Working closely with your provider on a stretching and muscle strengthening program also leads to stronger, more flexible muscles that further protect your joint and bone structure. Developing healthier muscles not only accelerates your rehabilitation, but it goes a long way toward preventing re-injury.

The pace of your exercise program, specific exercises, and the amount of exercise recommended, depends on factors such as the severity of your condition and your physical therapy needs. Common exercises include posture and movement exercises, as well as spine protection exercises.

Education is also a critical component of physical therapy. Your provider collaborates with you during your sessions to ensure you use proper techniques and form in stretching and exercise.

In some cases, the Axness Integrative Medicine team also uses Activator Methods®, a widely practiced chiropractic technique, in personalized rehabilitation. This is a device that reduces the body’s resistance to the alignment treatment.

Activator Methods use low force via rapid thrusts to guide your body into proper alignment. Because this device is faster than manual adjustments, it’s one of the most popular low-force treatments available.

What are the goals of rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation eliminates pain and increases mobility and body function. It’s also an excellent way to prevent re-injury. Axness Integrative Medicine offers effective physical therapy and Activator Methods to pinpoint the source of your symptoms and prevent further complications.

Don’t wait any longer: Call Axness Integrative Medicine today or book your appointment online to learn how the team of doctors, nurses, and acupuncturists can provide natural, safe, and effective treatment for you.