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    " The staff at Axness Chiropractic listened to my concerns, got my appointment scheduled in a very timely manner, were welcoming and helpful at the first visit."

    Kate S.
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    "Dr. Arik was professional, a great listener and addressed all of my concerns. He was very thorough."

    Kate S.
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    "Dr. Arik and his entire staff, including the massage therapists, are remarkable - they treat me as a person first, a person in pain second."

    Janis A.
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    "Dr. Arik takes the time to listen to what your needs are and develop a treatment plan with you."

    Kimberly P.
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    "Dr. Axness is by far the best chiropractor in the Brainerd area. I have never been to a doctor who has cared so much and listened to the extent that Dr. Axness has."

    Ronald R.
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    "If you are not getting your adjustments at Axness Chiropractic, you are pay too much for too little service."

    Steve P.
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    "Dr. Axness is a great doctor! His ability to explain in detail exactly what is wrong and what is causing your pain and discomfort is second to none! "

    Tom P.
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    "It's a rarity to come across such a knowledgeable, efficient group that works so well together and respects one another and their clients."

    Pamela M.
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    "Wouldn't go anywhere else for an adjustment, or a massage. Quality care and kind helpful staff."

    Jared P.
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    "Axness chiropractic is a great place to get work done, very friendly people who make you feel welcome."

    Sam R.
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