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  • Axness Chiropractic couldn’t have made a better impression. Everybody in the office was excellent!

    - Jessica K.
  • I feel better already! The muscle stimulator was great!

    - Melissa H.
  • Fantastic work! Great people! Recommended to everyone!

    - Cody C.
  • I felt better before I even left the office! Thanks so much! I think I’ll sleep tonight!

    - J.S.
  • Thank you for a great first visit.

    - Matthew A.
  • It is nice to find a good Chiropractor in the Brainerd Lakes area. Arik is a very nice man.

    - Kathy D.
  • Dr. Axness did an excellent job! It is by far the best chiropractic treatment I have ever had! Thank you!

    - Blair N.
  • Very friendly staff, they put me at ease right away!

    - Jeanette S.
  • Oh my gosh… It was wonderful. Absolutely the best.

    - Brenda H.
  • Excellent teamwork! Very helpful!

    - Steve B.
  • I really appreciated the time and thoroughness Dr. Axness took with me.

    - Dennis L.
  • I am impressed! Clean, friendly and professionally! No worries whatsoever about being milked for my $$!

    - Beate B.
  • I’m looking forward to having a good, long, healthy relationship with your clinic!! Your staff all seem so friendly & all work together to make sure the patients are happy!!

    - Rose Z.
  • I told my husband that this was the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had!

    - Mary T.
  • I felt so great the next day! Thank you!

    - Kathryn K.
  • Very compassionate. Feel much better only after 2 treatments. Would certainly refer anyone to Dr. Axness.

    - Randi N.
  • Great Chiropractor. Very Friendly.

    - Melissa A.
  • Best chiropractor in the Brainerd Lakes area!

    - Charleen N.


I appreciated that Dr. Arik used a variety of modalities and techniques at the first visit and not just a quick adjustment and send me out the door.
- Maureen M.

Very Happy

Very happy with Dr. Axness’s overall concern of my health in general as well as his approach to chiropractic care, which is different than other places I have gone.
- Janet H.

Treated My Boys

Dr. Axness treated both my boys. I just wanted to let you know that they are both doing very well. Both of them are pain free and staying healthy. Thank you so much for doing such a great job with them.
- Bekah D.

Pleased With Experience

I am very pleased with experience so far at Axness Chiropractic. I have been searching for help all over Minnesota and this is the first time I’ve felt like I could trust a doctor. I have much hope for the future.
- Missy C.

Very Happy

I was so very happy that Dr. Axness took a generous amount of time to learn about my particular issues. He then clearly explained a course of treatment. I am so impressed with his high degree of knowledge and his caring attitude. I felt very comfortable and very well taken care of in his clinic.
- Bozena P.

Couldn’t Be Happier

Couldn’t be happier with first visit. The massage centered on trigger/trouble spots, and chiropractic appointment just as amazing. My problems were found and understood and a plan put into place. Thank you much!
- Connie A.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with Dr. Axness and am very hopeful that I will be out of pain with the treatments received at your office! Great first experience!!
- Tamara P.

The Best

Dr. Axness took the time to explain everything to me. I have been to several chiropractors in the past 20 years and Dr. Axness is the best!
- Joann T.


I have been treated by a dozen chiropractors – half a dozen of these are still in practice in the Brainerd/Baxter area. Dr. Arik Axness stands head and shoulders above all of these in that he is careful, patient, thorough, and meticulous. He is very careful to work on muscles and trigger points in preparation for an adjustment. He spends twice the time in his treatment and you are not just another patient on an assembly line. He also charges very fair rates for his services. Again, far more reasonable than most of the other chiropractors in this area. If you are not getting your adjustments at Axness Chiropractic, you are paying too much for too little service.

- Steve P.

Got Results

“I would recommend Axness Chiropractic to everyone. They use equipment and techniques I have never seen or experienced with other chiropractic offices. I have got results that I have not had elsewhere.”

- John M.

Listened To My Concerns

I felt the doctor listened to my concerns and did the best he could to identify the problem. I felt markedly better when I left the office and have continued to improve since.

- Emily N.

Amazing Services

Thank you Axness Chiropractic for taking time on a weekend to take care of my husband when he was in such pain. He is better now and will continue to use your amazing services. Dr. Axness does a fantastic job with the soft tissue therapy to get us better. You have our backs!

- M.B.

Very Pleased

“Very pleased with my visit, problems solved, looking forward to more maintenance-type visits to keep my lower back in check. You actually removed knots in my shoulder blades I’ve had for a number of years, your techniques were very precise and thorough. Thanks again!”

- M. W.

The Best Chiropractic Experience Ever

“The best Chiropractic experience EVER!! My backs been out for 2+ days and I felt results immediately after I left. Everybody needs to go here!! It was SO awesome!!!! Thanks again, I can’t wait to come back!”

- Trinity G.

Pain Disappeared

“I dealt with pain in my back/shoulder for six months before visiting Dr. Arik. I admit I was a huge skeptic but figured this was at least worth a try. I was shocked to find how quickly the pain disappeared. Dr. Arik did a great job explaining how my ribs were out of place and regular treatment has got me to the point of no more pain.”

- Debbie

Appreciate Service

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the services provided by Dr. Arik during my recent visit to Baxter. He was able to get me in on a moments notice and Dr. Arik spent a full hour using various procedures. My back and shoulders feel much better and he has motivated me to search out a new chiropractor in my home town.”

- Mike S.

Big Relief

“When I walked through the doors I was in so much pain, I believe the tears were rolling down my face. The front desk staff made me feel like they really cared and could see the pain I was in. From the moment I met Dr. Axness I knew I was in the right place for help. The kindness and concern for my health was a big relief. Dr. Axness has a way of explaining how the body works and the knowledge to make you feel better and with his help I feel like my life has been restored. Dr. Axness and his staff have changed my life and I can’t thank them enough.”

- Marilyn Brown