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Axness Chiropractic Massage & Wellness :: Testimonials

  • I feel great! Had a awesome weekend. No pain in neck.

    - Joyce B.
  • I am very satisfied with the care given to me. The treatment really made a difference in how I feel.

    - Richard R.
  • I almost immediately trusted Dr Axness. Great experience.

    - Lori B.
  • For three years I have been receiving massages here. They are the best! They help with my inflammation and both knees. Thank you! Much appreciated!

    - Jackie M.
  • Great Chiropractor. Very Friendly.

    - Melissa A.
  • Was very happy with the service there and the friendly staff can’t wait to go back!

    - Kelly R.
  • I am impressed! Clean, friendly and professionally! No worries whatsoever about being milked for my $$!

    - Beate B.
  • It is nice to find a good Chiropractor in the Brainerd Lakes area. Arik is a very nice man.

    - Kathy D.
  • I’m looking forward to having a good, long, healthy relationship with your clinic!! Your staff all seem so friendly & all work together to make sure the patients are happy!!

    - Rose Z.
  • I felt better before I even left the office! Thanks so much! I think I’ll sleep tonight!

    - J.S.
  • I just moved to Brainerd and I am so excited that I found this clinic. Dr. Axness took time to listen and explain their services. I am looking forward to my future visits.

    - Joanne S.
  • First visit, so far I like it.

    - James F.
  • Thankful for my friends recommendation.

    - Nancy N.
  • Finding any new service is somewhat scary, I put it off to long. I am so happy with my choice, was very happy with my whole experience and look forward to a long term care relationship. Thank you. 

    - Sharon B.
  • Dr. Arik is fantastic. He has taken care of my back & neck problems very quickly. Much better treatment than my last Doctor I was seeing. I would recommend him to anyone having problems.

    - Leo W.
  • I am very thankful my friend talked me into going. I have never thought of seeing a chiropractor. I found the DR to be very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I am very happy with my first visit and am hopeful for a great outcome.

    - Mary H.
  • I’m glad I finally found a very good chiropractor close to my home! Very professional and explainEd the whole process! Thx Arik and staff.

    - Paul M.
  • Axness Chiropractic couldn’t have made a better impression. Everybody in the office was excellent!

    - Jessica K.
  • The explanation of what was causing my back pain was excellent, and in addition to the explanation the visual aid was very helpful.

    - Sarah G.
  • I told my husband that this was the best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had!

    - Mary T.
  • Dr. Axness did an excellent job! It is by far the best chiropractic treatment I have ever had! Thank you!

    - Blair N.
  • Very compassionate. Feel much better only after 2 treatments. Would certainly refer anyone to Dr. Axness.

    - Randi N.
  • Best chiropractor in the Brainerd Lakes area!

    - Charleen N.
  • The office had a friendly welcoming environment and I liked Dr. Arik very much. 

    - Linda H.
  • Very thorough and professional! Took the time to explain things and didn’t rush through.

    - James C.
  • Excellent teamwork! Very helpful!

    - Steve B.
  • Very impressed with everything! Thanks for being awesome!

    - Ryan C.
  • Very friendly staff, they put me at ease right away!

    - Jeanette S.
  • Great first experience! Dr. Arik Axness was very friendly and answered all of my questions.

    - Kristina F.
  • I feel better already! The muscle stimulator was great!

    - Melissa H.
  • Thank you for a great first visit.

    - Matthew A.
  • I really appreciated the time and thoroughness Dr. Axness took with me.

    - Dennis L.
  • Was a good experience. 

    - Marge H.
  • Wonderful! Very friendly staff and I feel confident in Dr. Axness!

    - Casey D.
  • I appreciated your care and concern.

    - Shirley J.
  • I found my new chiropractor! Everyone was so nice and helpful. Highly recommend this place and Dr. Axness.

    - Diane S.
  • I felt I was very important to him and he was sincere. He took time to explain everything and listened to all my issues.

    - Rose N.
  • Fantastic work! Great people! Recommended to everyone!

    - Cody C.
  • I felt so great the next day! Thank you!

    - Kathryn K.
  • The office had a friendly welcoming environment and I liked Dr. Arik very much. 

    - Linda H.
  • So far so good! Dr. arik is great! :) Thanks!

    - Jessica B.
  • Oh my gosh… It was wonderful. Absolutely the best.

    - Brenda H.


I was amazed at how relaxing and pain relieving the session was!
- William G.


Dr. Arik and his staff were fabulous! Came in with a screaming headache that had been ongoing for several weeks and was feeling human again when I left! Will definitely be referring his practice!! Thanks again!
- Susan G.

This Visit Was So Different

I have always dreaded going to the chiropractor…even though I was helped the treatment made me shudder and sometimes yell…I think I was anticipating pain worst than what was reality. This visit was so different. Things were actually explaining and I felt releaved that perhaps I can really be helped without experiencing that back /hip cracking and neck cracking I experienced before.
- Patricia M.

Highly Recommended

My family & I have been using Axness Chiropractic for healthcare since 2014. We couldn’t be happier with the standard of care, compassion and positive results from our Chiropractic, massage and nutritional education. Sr Axness and staff certainly put the patient first. I highly recommend them!
- Alicia L.

Almost Pain Free

I had suffered with low back/hip pain for 2 months. The pain was being very debilitating. After the 1st visit most of the pain was gone, but returned somewhat the next day. But after 3 sessions and 6 days time I am now almost totally pain free. The best I have felts in 2 months.
- Gary

I call him “The Miracle Worker”

I was in my late 50’s and had been hanging drywall for almost 30 years. I’d had back issues for years. Then one day it gave out for good. I was in constant severe pain, unable to do practically anything. My doctor was setting me up for (an uncertain) surgery. Then a friend told me about a new Chiropractor she had met that really impressed her. I came to Dr. Arik with MRI in hand. Even though he saw what a mess my back was, he said, “I think I can help you”. What an understatement!! He put me back on my feet, feeling better than I had in years. I call him “The Miracle Worker”, and to me, that is not an exaggeration. I dread to think about how I might have ended up if I hadn’t met Dr. Arik. As both a Chiropractor and a person he is the “Real Deal!!
- Patrick L.

I felt better than I have in years

I had back and leg pains for years, due to my Degenerative Disk Disease. When the pains became serious these last few months, I began considering back surgery, when my daughter told me to visit a Chiropractor before surgery. I went to Dr. Arik. After the second visit I starting noticing the numbness in my legs was less frequent. By the end of my third visit, I felt better than I have in years. My legs haven’t gone numb since and my back feels great. Great Job Dr. Arik. Thank You.
- Clyde

I am very grateful

Thank you for taking your time, explaining everything and showing that you are truly benefiting my health by being so diligent.
-Andrea M.

Everyone Is Caring And Professional

With my injury that I had with my back after the first visit I felt amazing. The massage I had done from Hailey and the adjustment the Doctor gave me it was amazing. Everyone at Axness is very caring and professional. Thank you.
- Kevin H.

Excellent Visit And Treatment

I’ve been to a lot of different chiropractic clinics and massage places for treatment. With being to many different places you get to experience the different treatment plans doctors have and how well they do their job. I have to say I had an excellent visit as well as treatment. Doctor explained things very well and also took time in analyzing symptoms before treatment. Well done!
- Chris K.

Total Confidence

I left feeling so excited that I can be helped and I also left feeling total confidence in Dr. Arik knowledge. Thank you so so much.
- Diane S.

Good Understanding

I feel Dr. Axness has a good understanding of my ailment and is on track with his treatments to resolve my problem.
- Robert J.

Listened And Explained

It was awesome to have someone talk and listen to my issue and explain things to me after asking questions!
- Mark H.

I Found A New Chiropractor

I recently moved to the area and was needing to find a new chiropractor. I was referred by a coworker who comes to Axness for massages. Dr. Axness was very kind and down to earth. He was also knowledgeable and understood my concerns about finding a new doctor. He took the time to make sure my first experience was enjoyable. I am happy to say that I found a new chiropractor!
- Jen A.

Sensible Approach

Looking forward to a quick recovery with Axness and I’m thrilled with Dr. Ariks’ sensible approach to Chiropractic Care.
- Kelly F.

Very Impressed

I felt like I was seeing a massage therapist, physical therapist and chiropractor all rolled into one. Very impressed and very hopeful for some long overdue healing; I have already started spreading the word.
- Jodi W.

Very Patient

Dr. Axness was very patient, explained everything very thoroughly before he did any adjusting. Was very impressed.
- Lynette D.


I was very impressed with my first visit, so impressed that I went home and told my husband he’s going there too! Made him an appointment the next day.
- Lynn W.

Explanation Given

Was nice to get an explanation of what causes the issues I’m experiencing instead of just a quick adjustment and a lengthy recovery plan that I’m used to getting. Will return.
- Bobbie S.

In Depth Explanation

I appreciated the in depth explanation of the treatment while being treated, visual demonstration of why I am experiencing pain, steps I can personally take to help progress the recovery process, and how we would be proceeding with future appointments.
- Holly E.

Extremely Happy

I switched chiropractors because of your massage prices, thank you for making it affordable for me to get a massage. I am extremely happy with the chiropractor and so glad I switched. Much better equipment and I seem to be getting better treatment here.
- Kelli K.

Eliminate Headaches

Nick feels very optimistic that Dr. Axness will be able to help eliminate his headaches. That’s great news for a 12 year old that has been suffering the last 3 years with headaches.
- Keith G.

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